COMPOSITING & EDITING PLUS - Program in composting & editing

It is the final phase of the production that creates the final appearance of a film, TV program or music video. With this course you are equipped to thoroughly understand and excel in compositing and editing. Learn that film styles and techniques use to bring them more than life visions on the screen.


This is a career course designed to train you in two of the most important aspects of visual effects - compositing and editing. At this stage, various visual elements are combined to create one scene or a complete series.

The Compositing & Editing Plus course from MAAC Mayur Viharprepares you for excellent techniques such as rotoscopy, match moving, BG prep, composting and processing, which form an integral part of the film process. You will be trained to work with industry-standard software, including Adobe Photoshop, Nuke, Mocha, Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro.

The Compositing and Editing Plus course is designed so that you benefit from in-depth practical software training, workshops from industry experts, regular studio visits and certified trainers.


Course Content

  • Basics of filmmaking
  • Digital design
  • Video editing
  • Sound editing
  • Layer-based compositing
  • Art of Rotoscopy
  • Match moving
  • Camera tracking
  • Title graphics
  • Audio-video synchronisation
  • Node-based compositing
  • Stereoscopic pipeline
  • 3D camera projection
  • Live action compositing
  • Editing with FCP

Course Specialization

Modeling & Texturing course content

  • Art & technical aesthetics
  • Stylised character
  • Realistic character
  • Low poly character for games
  • Digital sculpting
  • Inorganic modelling

    Lighting course content

  • Fundamentals of lighting, design & colour theory
  • Lighting environments
  • CG Lighting and use of shader
  • Mental ray shaders
  • Production tips & tricks

    Animation course content

  • Animation foundation
  • Basic performance animation
  • Character animation & body dynamics
  • Advanced performance animation

Software covered

  • Final cut Pro
  • Nuke
  • PFTrack
  • Mocha
  • Silhouette
  • Fusion
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Audition
  • Adobe Premier
  • Adobe Photoshop

Career options

  • Compositor
  • Roto Artist
  • Paint Artist
  • BG Prep Artist
  • Stereo Depth Grade Artist
  • Match Moving Artist
  • Motion Graphics Artist
  • Video Editor